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First Day Lake Como

Tally, Wade and I woke up at a crisp 4 am to get in our car to the LAX airport headed to Alabama and the Milan, starting off our summer family vacation in Italy. We are all seasoned

travelers, so the journey so far has been pretty smooth with only a few silly hiccups.

In the Alabama airport, we had a three hour layover before our 9 hour Milan flight. The airport itself was massive, with lots of different food options, but Chick-fil-a was calling to me. I have been eating the most American food I can before I left. Smash burger was delicious:). Anyway, their is a train connecting all the terminals. Of course the chick-fila is far away so we hopped on the busy train. Wade is in a stroller and I have two rolling bags, so it’s a little bit of a traveling circus wherever we go. When the train arrived, no one would move to let us off to get to the terminal, soby the time I made it through the door a little too late. As I exited the tram the door shut in me, so half of my body was inside and the other half was outside the train. My hair was blowing wildly while I tried to figure out how I was going to get out of this pickle. Thankfully, some people around pried the doors away from me so we could finally make it to our lunch spot.

Once we got off the plane, we went to a lunch spot and had homemade raviolis and a glass of delicious wine, and then drove to the villa. The villa in Lake Como is absolutely amazing. There is a pool and a large grass field in the front yard perfect for yoga and perfecting handstands and cartwheels. We enjoyed the sun shine as the rest of our family and friends joined us throughout the days and ate the various cheese platters and pastas. 10/10



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